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Respiratory Clinic

The Respiratory Clinic is designed to comprehensively assess and address, through treatment, respiratory issues spanning from infancy to adulthood.  Focus is placed on “blending” respiratory-based treatment techniques with other treatment approaches to enhance each client’s level of efficient and “less taxing” independent function.  The Clinic is offered at our Villa Park site once a month.

Why Begin Here?

The Clinic features Dr. Mary Massery, a world renowned Physical Therapist for her knowledge of respiratory disease applications in the treatment of respiratory disorders for individuals of all ages.  Dr. Massery has been invited to give over 750 professional presentations in 48 of the United States, nine Canadian provinces and 13 countries worldwide.  Her publications and interests focus on linking motor behaviors to breathing and/or postural mechanics in both pediatric and adult patient populations.

Dr. Massery has received the American Physical Therapy Association's highest clinical award, The Florence Kendall Practice Award honoring one's "outstanding and enduring contributions to the practice of physical therapy" and the honorary Linda Crane Memorial Lecture. Dr. Massery has delivered keynote and major addresses on topics such as cystic fibrosis & posture, neuropulmonary deficits, pectus excavatum (chest deformities), and the connections between posture & breathing for: the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England; the Australian & New Zealand Spinal Cord Injury Conference in Brisbane, Australia; the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists Meeting in Galway, Ireland; the International Seating Symposium in Vancouver, Canada; and the Conference on Posture and Mobility in Coventry, England; as well as numerous presentations at the American Physical Therapy Association's Combined Sections Meetings across the USA.

Who should participate?

Clients with respiratory issues, rib cage or spinal deformities, tracheostomies, and other related issues.

What are the goals of this therapy?

Initial patient consultations are 2 hours long.  Through interview, observation, and examination, Mary “thoroughly explores the inter-relationship of the cardiopulmonary, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, integumentary (skin/connective tissue), and gastro-intestinal systems on the client’s health and motor skills”.  She encourages the client’s primary therapist to attend in order observe and learn techniques she recommends the family and therapist do with the client.  She also suggests video recording the session to serve as a visual reminder of suggestions and techniques.  She provides the family with a written report at the end of the session.  Follow-up sessions are 1-2 hours long, dependent on the client.

How do I get started?

Contact our Intake Coordinator at 630.261.6287 to ask questions or schedule an appointment. Please visit Mary Massery's website for more information or visit the frequently asked questions page.

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