Intimacy & Military Caregiver Relations

Webinar #5: Intimacy & Military Caregiver Relations

Military relationships are difficult under normal circumstances. A wound, illness or injury can significantly change your relationship. During this session, you will learn how to improve your relationship through communication, better understand each other’s needs, resolve conflict and find renewed hope. Individuals are hardwired differently and therefore can cause emotional needs to not be met in a relationship due to a lack of understanding. We will learn how to identify emotional needs and how to meet their partners' emotional needs.

Guest Speakers included:

Noel Meador serves as executive director, Stronger Families in Seattle. In this role, he is dedicated to strengthening families and marriages and ultimately affecting the community at large. He has been a part of marriage outreach, pastoral counseling and marriage education since 2001. He is the lead author of the Oxygen for Your Relationship seminar, which provides couples with tools and resources that help promote authenticity and renewed vitality in their relationships. He received his master’s degree in education and is trained in many relationship enrichment and counseling tools, like Prepare/Enrich and PREP for Divorce Prevention and Marriage Enhancement. 

Natalie Tarte is the Elizabeth Dole Foundation fellow representing Arkansas. Natalie has served as a caregiver for her husband SGT Chris Tarte for over two years, and is still learning how to best help him. Natalie helps her husband with tasks that require memory, which has been a struggle for him due to PTSD, in addition to assisting him with anything that he finds difficult to reach or do from his wheelchair. Upon injury, Chris lost his right leg below the knee, split his heel bone, shattered his ankle, and suffered blood clots in his lungs.  Before her husband joined the military, Natalie worked with mentally ill juveniles and juvenile delinquents.

Additional Resources

Slides for the above webinar: Intimacy & Military Caregiver Relations (*PDF)

Transcripts for the above webinar: Intimacy & Military Caregiver Relations (*PDF) 

Handout for the above webinar: Intimacy & Military Caregiver Relations (*PDF)

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