At the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center, children and adults are empowered to achieve their own goals and dreams!
Follow the links below to read a few of their stories.

Charlotte: Always sharing a smile.

Eleanor: Where there's a will, there's a way!

Sage: Embarking on a new adventure!

Sophia: A determined 5-year-old reaches challenging goals

Paige: Motivated, empowered, and unstoppable.

Declan: Declan loves being a helper!

Evan: Evan's goals are within reach.

Gavin and friends: Together is better!

Ariana: Onward and upward toward independence

Michelle: A journey to greater independence

Caroline: "Once you can communicate, it's life changing!"

Waylon: Celebrating all the "firsts"

Grayson: Experiencing a new world of communication

Xavier: A whole new outlook

Sophie: Her journey is just beginning!

Atticus, Michael, and Charlotte: Celebrating a huge milestone TOGETHER.

Zoey: Ready for her next adventure - kindergarten!

Haleigh: Graduating from big challenges to big dreams

Diana: "Easterseals has always been like family!"

Miah: Making waves and achieving dreams!

Rett: "I love to give back!"

Joy: A future so bright...

Michael: Thriving with classmates of all abilities

Phoenix: Ready to soar!

Charlie: Always a good day!

Evan: Second generation of success!

Sandy: A lifetime of independence

Sophia: What a difference a year makes!

Jackson: When the going gets tough... keep going!

Noah & Henry: Learning, growing and thriving TIMES TWO!

Matt H.: A high-tech helping hand

Jacob & Everett: Bringing friends together

Craig: Always Moving Forward

Ella: "I can't imagine where we would be..."

Maddie: A taste of independence

Ellie-Jane: Living a dream by dancing

Guadalupe: The gift of hearing is the gift of learning

Eli: The joy of helping others

Josh: Winning by giving back

Tim: Years after his first steps at the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center, Tim returns to reach new goals.

Caydence: Learning to communicate!

Ashby: Thriving with the Easterseals Early Learning Center.

Thomas: Ready to conquer kindergarten!

Megan: A determined teen regains her ability to walk

Amber: Sharing her sparkling personality in a whole new way

Kendra: The gift of happiness and independence

Walker: Walker achieves goals with inclusive early education & essential therapies

Andy: A lifelong partnership

Last updated: May 1, 2024