Skinny Repeal Keeps Medicaid Cuts for People with Disabilities: Our Letter to the Senate

July 27, 2017

Dear Senator:

Easterseals has been consistent in our opposition to proposals that will lead to significant cuts to and caps on Medicaid care and services for children and adults with disabilities. It has been widely reported that the Senate will vote on a so-called “Skinny Repeal.” Passage of the Skinny Repeal means that the harmful cuts to disability services proposed in the U.S. House-approved American Health Care Act (AHCA) remain alive and on the table during conference committee negotiations. For those reasons, we ask that you VOTE AGAINST the Skinny Repeal amendment being considered in the U.S. Senate.

Individuals with disabilities already struggle to access community supports. Many are on long waiting lists for Medicaid waiver home and community-based services. Others have seen their services cut or restricted. Cutting Medicaid resources to states through a restrictive federal cap or repealing the Community First Choice option could further restrict access to or force states to eliminate waiver services all together. The end result will be more isolation, less well-being and more dependence. Instead of stopping harmful AHCA Medicaid cuts, passing the Skinny Repeal keeps them alive during the House-Senate conference committee negotiations.

Easterseals recognizes that changes can be made to current law to help improve access to quality and affordable health care and community supports. For example, Easterseals supports efforts to increase long-term care options for all Americans, including people living with disabilities. However, the Medicaid per capita cap and other cuts under consideration fail to meet Easterseals’ do-no-harm to children and adults with disabilities threshold. We urge Congress to develop a bipartisan proposal that improves the Affordable Care Act.

Please reject significant cuts and caps to Medicaid services for people with disabilities by voting against the Skinny Repeal. Thank you for your consideration.


Katy Beh Neas
Executive Vice President, Public Affairs

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