Transitions for Adult Care

Adult Resources

Many Easterseals families have found these resources or programs helpful. We encourage each client and their family to complete their own research as each individual's needs are different. 

General Resources on Transitions to Adult Care

Driver Services

Home Modifications & Adapted Equipment



Many families have asked when and at what age a nutrition referral is appropriate.  The following guidelines are recommended:

  • 13-14 years old or older if on pediatric formula
  • 16-21 years of age if on formula to recalculate nutritional needs as growth slows/diminishes
  • If there is a new diagnosis of celiac, lactose intolerance or food allergy
  • Weight or growth concern
  • Major dietary changes including eliminating a food group, stopping formula (without being monitored)
  • Any new signs of symptoms of nutritional deficiencies 9lethargy, poor appetite, fatigue, poor wound healing, dermatitis, etc.
  • New/increased issues with reflux, diarrhea or constipation
Nutrition Resources include:






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