Max, succeeding in preschool

Boy & Therapist

Four-year-old Max was exhibiting challenging behaviors at his child care center and at risk of expulsion. He had been removed from his home and placed in foster care with his sisters. The child care center was concerned because he was very impulsive and lashing out at peers and teachers; sometimes without warning or any sort of trigger. This change in his behavior began around the same time that he started visits with his biological mother.

Easterseals Blake Children & Family staff observed his behavior and offered support to Max, the teachers and his foster parents.

They taught Max about empathy and why it is important for him to put his feelings into words, and use this new skills to self-regulate behavior. They developed an appropriate plan with the teachers to keep Max on track and they connected his foster mom with several community resources, including enrolling Max in Easterseals Blake Behavioral Health Services for ongoing therapy. 

In time, Max began to build a trusting relationship with his teachers and foster mom, and even made some friends! His behavior in the classroom improved tremendously, he is less anxious, and able to manage stress.

Renee Hartje, EBF Children & Family Staff

Easterseals Blake Children & Family Smart Support Program, provides mental health consultation for child care providers to address the social-emotional needs of children and to build staff capacity. 
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