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Residential Services

Residential Living
ESBF operates a variety of residential settings for the individuals we serve.  Our homes are in residential communities in Tucson, Nogales, Rio Rico, Sierra Vista and Safford.  Our homes range in size from two to four residents and are personalized to reflect the tastes and styles of the individual residents. Every resident has a private bedroom and chooses how their room will be decorated. Staffing ratios are determined by the individual needs of the residents. 

The habilitation services we provide include (but are not limited to) varying levels of assistance with hygiene and personal care, food preparation, mobility, safety, administering medications, transportation to and from medical appointments and work or day programs. Our residential services far exceed basic habilitation services.  We enable our residents to live their lives to their fullest potential by helping them participate and enjoy community outings, recreational activities, friends, and relationships. Our trained staff works closely with our residents to help them achieve personal goals and learn new skills.     

Attendant Care
Individuals living independently in their own home or with their family/caregiver may need Attendant Care services to help meet essential personal/physical care needs as well as basic home management requirements.  ESBF offers flexibility in scheduling and staffing based on the changing needs, wants and desires of the individual served.

As a provider we establish good communication with the consumer/family, work to resolve any specific needs, follow the support plan and schedule, demonstrate professionalism, maintain confidentiality, maintain ongoing communication with the Support Coordinator, complete all required paperwork/reports and adhere to the training procedures mandated by the Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Individually Designed Living Arrangements
We provide support so individuals can live independently in their own homes. Our services address the individual desires, goals, strengths, abilities, needs, health, safety and life span issues of each client. They deal with all aspects of their lives, including personal living skills, personal care, transportation, health, community involvement, friendships and family. Support schedules are based on individual need and are flexible to accommodate changing needs, preferences and desires. Clients are involved in the hiring process of their support staff.

Supported Living
This program offers people individualized support so they can live independently in their homes. Our programs are based on the Person Centered Planning process and give people control of their own services and home.

ESBF supports people in all aspects of their life, including personal living skills, routine personal care, transportation, health, work/job experiences, community involvement, friendships and family. Since supports are based on the individual's needs, supports are flexible enough to be adjusted based on changing schedule as well as personal needs, preferences and desires. ESBF gives control to individuals to create a schedule that works for them.  Each individual participates in the hiring process to decide who will provide those supports.

Individuals supported by ESBF either rent or own their home. Our services are available on an hourly or 24-hours-a-day basis, depending on individual needs.

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