JT is getting ahead with Early Head Start

My son JT and I participate in the Easterseals Blake Foundation Early Head Start program. Having the family educator come to our home allowed me to be more focused and present for JT during his session.  Our Family Educator’s encouragement and general enthusiasm for JT’s growth and development really made a difference

I have seen JT really open up - both at home and in public.  He used to be incredibly shy, and wouldn’t talk to many people, much less strangers.  Now he is a regular chatterbox, and when our Family Educator comes to visit he actually engages HER in conversation – always with something new to share. His vocabulary has exploded – HE’S EVEN SINGING!

Being a part of the Early Head Start program has helped me learn to just ENJOY being JT’s mom, instead of worrying about every little thing.  Before enrolling I spent a lot of time trying to make sure that he was getting every last bit of learning out of every activity he did.  Now, I am able to just relax and enjoy my time with him, letting the teachable moments come as they may. I no longer have to plan out fancy activities for my son to learn. Rather, I take advantage of things in the moment, and this way we are BOTH able to enjoy ourselves,

Early Head Start has been critical to our family’s growth, and I cannot thank them enough for the work they have done with me, and with my son, JT.

 - Carrie Moran, JT's mom

Easterseals Blake Children & Family Early Head Start Program is a home visiting program for low-income pregnant women and parents of children (birth to age three), that includes family support, parenting skills, community referrals, and child development.


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