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Meet Jai Lynn!

Jai Lynn posing for camera with a blue shirt and red blanket drapped around her shoulders

Young Girl Finds Independence, While Mom Advocates and Finds Peace 


When asked to describe her daughter, Jai Lynn, Charmaine said friendly and helpful where the first two that came to mind. Jai Lynn is a lover of being creative, especially when it comes to drawing and painting, watching reality TV shows, and shopping.  

The level of support and consistency from Easterseals MORC has been a huge relief for our family.” Charmaine said.  

Jai Lynn, who has been diagnosed with Autism, has been receiving Community Living Support (CLS) and Respite services for about six years. These services help Jai Lynn to become more independent, get out into the world, and create positive social relationships.   

“Ms. Cora and the entire team we’ve worked with at Easterseals MORC have been great,” Charmaine said. With their help, our children can become more independent and create memorable moments with their friends and our family.” 

Charmaine has worked towards a brighter future for individuals experiencing their own challenges by advocating for these individuals in her family, her community, and beyond.  

"I’ve worked with various advocacy groups to train educators and doctors how to better serve individuals with special needs,” Charmaine said. “I’ve navigated and still navigate these special needs streets. I will always share the resources, techniques, and systems that have kept me sane as a special needs mom. 

Jai Lynn is the oldest of three children and her mother expressed gratitude for the organization that has helped all of her family in some way.  

“The life of a special needs mom often feels chaotic all the time,” Charmaine said. “I didn’t know how I would be able to take care of myself when my life didn’t feel like I could stop. I owe a lot to Easterseals MORC. Thank you for allowing me to be a mom and not feel guilty about having time for myself. 

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