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Easterseals MORC's Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse

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Easterseals MORC's Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse is a mental health rehabilitation program that operates on proven standards developed by the Clubhouse International. The focus is on providing members with the skills necessary to be successful in their everyday lives, as well as pursue meaningful activities such as education, employment, and volunteerism. Working in the Easterseals MORC's Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse enhances members’ work skills and helps prepare them for re-entry into the workforce or in making a career change. It offers a variety of supported education and employment opportunities to its members. In addition, members can also participate in social and recreational events that are held in the evenings and/or on weekends and holidays. 

The Easterseals MORC's Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse is structured around a “work-ordered day” which involves having members and staff work side-by-side to accomplish the daily business of the Clubhouse. Members may choose to participate in one or more work units that are essential to the functioning of the Clubhouse. A feature that is unique to the model is that members participate in all decision-making related to the running of the Clubhouse. Regular meetings are conducted to address various issues, including daily tasks; choices regarding activities that will be offered; menu planning; and program policies. Involvement in the Clubhouse enhances members’ work and social skills, builds self-confidence, fosters a sense of belonging and gives members a strong foundation to pursue their individual goals.

Easterseals MORC's Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse services are provided through a contract with the Oakland Community Health Network.  Consumers must meet specific eligibility requirements in order to receive our services. 

The program is a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program accredited by CARF, Clubhouse International, and provided through the Oakland Community Health Network and Easterseals MORC's Adult Behavioral Health program.  For more information on the program, please call (866) 296-3635.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

The address for Easterseals MORC's Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse can be found on our locations page.

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