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Coronavirus - Free Resource Downloads

These times can generate an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression. We are pleased to offer free downloadable resources to help.

NEW - Dr. Guina's Tips for Dealing with Depression During the Winter Months

Major Depressive Disorder with Seasonal Pattern (aka Seasonal Affective Disorder or the Winter Blues) is a condition affecting people's mood, thinking, sleep, appetite, and energy level. It typically gets worse during colder, darker months and better during warmer, brighter months. That is why people who live further from the equator are much more likely to get it than others (e.g., northern vs southern US). With the days getting shorter, an dthe continuing pandemic, here are some tips that will help you remain mentallhy healthy this winter.

ABA at Home - Tips and Tricks

Here is a list of activities and ideas for parents and children in ABA therapy.

ABA School Closure Resource Kit

For many parents with children in ABA therapy, school closures and virtual learning may cause added stress and anxiety. This resource kit can offer some options that can help.

Autism Activities You Can Do At Home - Activity Book

If you have a child on the spectrum, this activity book can help you find new, fun things that you can do together.

Coping with Anxiety and Stress - A Toolkit for Students and Parents

Heading back to school during this crisis can lead to an increase in anxiety and stress. This resource toolkit can help everyone get comfortable with the idea of returning to in-person learning. This toolkit offers up tips, tricks, and resources that are sure help.

Explaining the Coronavirus to Kids Book

This easy-to-read book teaches young children about the Coronavirus, the outbreak, and steps they can take to stay safe and healthy. This book presents the subject matter in a way that is helpful and not scary or overwhelming.

Dr. Guina's Tips for Reducing Stress

Easterseals Michigan's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Guina, offers up his tips for reducing stress, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Helping Stressed Out Kids

This easy-to-follow resource breaks down the common causes of stress by age group and provides helpful ways of easing that stress.

How to Talk To Your Children About COVID-19 

The great people from the Child Mind Institute has compiled a great one-page flyer with tips to remember as you discuss the virus with your children.


Studies have shown that being prepared can actually reduce stress and anxiety. The resources below can you help assemble an emergency plan with your family. These resources are made available by the Department of Homeland Security.

Family Emergency Plan Kit

This resource includes everything you need to put together your family emergency plan.

READY KIDS Activity Book

The perfect companion piece to the Family Emergency Supply Kit, this book will help kids to prepare their own supply kit through comics, puzzles, and pages for coloring.

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