Caregiving While Raising Children

Caregiving While Raising Children


Video showcasing Veterans and their children


Trevor Romain — renowned motivational speaker for children on the topics of bullying, coping with divorce, and understanding grief—will discuss the biggest challenges faced by military children whose parent is wounded, ill or injured. This can have a significant impact on the lives of Caregivers and children alike. Adults often tell military kids, “Suck it up. You can handle it.” What the kids really need, however, is a safe space to be vulnerable and ask for help dealing with their emotions. As a parent, it is important to communicate the facts to your child’s authority figures. For example, ask your child’s teachers to keep you in the loop if your child’s behavior changes, then work together to find a way to support your child in his school life. Encourage your child to seek out a friend or two among other military children, and do everything in your power to build up a support group for the days when your child is not-so resilient.

Speaker Bio:


Trevor Romain is the President and Co-Founder of the Trevor Romain Company, which uses humor to teach real-life lessons to children, such as dealing with bullies, facing fears, coping with divorce, and understanding grief. He has also written and illustrated dozens of children’s books on tough topics kids face. Additionally, Trevor is on the Board of Comfort Crew, an organization that aims to care for the needs of military kids, specifically helping kids through their parent’s deployment and reintegration.

Dole Fellow:


Caregiving is what Faun O’Neel believes she was born to do. A mother herself, during a five-year period Faun was also a foster mother to twenty children. Her youngest daughter was born prematurely with severe medical issues, requiring intensive caregiving. In addition to being a caregiver to her husband and former Army Sgt. Danny O’Neel, Faun also serves as a mentor for theEaster Seals Serving DC | MD | VA’s Caregiver Support Program. Faun brings her now vast knowledge of theEaster Seals Serving DC | MD | VA, resources and connections to help vets get the treatment and resources they need. After two tours in Iraq with heavy combat, civilian life challenged Danny’s ability to cope under his then undiagnosed post-traumatic stress and moderate to severe TBI. The road to diagnosis was cut with Faun’s grit and determination to find a better way, a better life, even if not the same as before.

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Slides for the above webinar: Caregiving While Raising Children (*PDF)

Transcript for the above webinar: Caregiving While Raising Children (*PDF)

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