8 Steps to Caregiver Empowerment, Growth & Well-Being

8 Steps to Caregiver Empowerment, Growth & Well-Being

Have you lost your sense of self since becoming a military caregiver? Has caregiving taken a toll on you mentally and/or physically? Do you want more control over your life, but feel powerless to change? Have you become “stuck” and just cannot move forward?

Military Veteran Caregiver, Debbie Sprague felt that way too, and over the course of many years she was able to research, learn and practice tools to take her life back through empowerment, personal growth, and learning to cherish her own needs for well-being. Debbie’s mission is to help other caregivers get to this place much quicker than she did by sharing what she learned. During the webinar “8 Steps to Caregiver Empowerment, Growth & Well-Being” you will learn these steps, and how you too can uncover your power, and gain trust in your ability to create a unique life that works for you, and your family while honoring the veteran that you care for.



Debbie Sprague is the author of “A Stranger in My Bed: 8 Steps to Taking Your Life Back from the Contagious Effects of Your Veteran’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder". She is also an Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellow alumnus, Education and Training Manager for the Military and Veteran Caregiver Network, and advocate for military and veteran caregivers, speaking, training, and providing education to those who care for, and about our ill, injured, and wounded veterans. Debbie has a BA degree in therapeutic recreation, with a minor in psychology, from California State University Chico, and holds a Community College Teaching Credential in Health and Physical Care Services. She is a Board Certified Life Coach, specializing in wellness and life solutions for military and veteran caregivers.

Debbie has personally experienced the challenges of caregiving during her son’s and mother-in-law’s losing battles with cancer, caring for her late father, and continues to care for her elderly mother suffering from dementia. In 2004, Debbie began caring for her husband Randy, a Vietnam Veteran  when he was diagnosed with health complications from exposure to Agent Orange and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from his two tours of duty in Vietnam. Life dramatically changed for them, and in 2006, Debbie was also diagnosed with PTSD. Her personal need for finding answers and solutions after becoming overwhelmed and lost in the world of caregiving and PTSD, and her desire to help other caregivers led her to the work she does today.

You can learn more at: www.astrangerinmybed.com

Dole Fellow:


In 2010, Precious Goodson’s life was dramatically changed after her husband returned from military service in Afghanistan with severe mental and physical injuries. Precious was suddenly faced with having to resign from her teaching position to care for her husband on a full-time basis. The extraordinary upheavals in their lives meant that both Precious and her husband would have to capture a new sense of identity, inner strength, and balance and create a new life for themselves. Precious has continued to strive for these through passionately helping others and giving back to the military caregiver community—advocacy on their behalf has become a way of life for her.

As a Fellow, Precious shared the stage with First Lady Obama, Senator Dole, and others at the Hidden Heroes Coalition Summit in Washington D.C., met with Congressional leaders in her state and district, and helped other caregivers in her work with the Military Veteran Caregiver Network. She was also selected by President Obama as part of the Presidential Delegation to the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando, Florida. Among her other publications, her blog, War Changes Lives, serves as a way to share with other caregivers resources that have been helpful to her and her husband during this journey. An Ed.D candidate in Distance Education, she believes that distance education will play an increasingly vital role in educating and training military caregivers. Precious presently serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Military/Veteran Caregiver Research Advisory Group, University of Texas Health Sciences Center. She and her husband find great inspiration in helping military families find solace through mentorship activities and other activities.

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Slides for the above webinar: 8 Steps to Caregiver Empowerment, Growth & Well-Being (*PDF)

Transcript for the above webinar: 8 Steps to Caregiver Empowerment, Growth & Well-Being (*PDF)

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