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Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS)

Calendar of Respite and Psychoeducational Workshops

Easterseals’ professionals work collaboratively with Somerset based families to help improve the level of functioning and the quality of life for a relative with mental illness.

This program provides individual family support services for parents, spouses, siblings, and children of those with a primary psychiatric diagnosis for the purpose of helping family members develop and maintain their relationships, especially during times of crisis, and of building or restoring a family’s overall functioning and sense of control.

On-site or in-home consultations provide information to, and collaboration with, a family on an “as needed” basis to enhance the overall functioning of the family with a mentally ill member.  In addition, IFSS strives to reduce the stigma sometimes associated with mental illness.   

Psychoeducation groups meet on a regularly scheduled, time-limited basis to provide families increased knowledge of mental illness, community resources, treatment options, and skills useful in managing the illness within the family and to support the recovery process. 

Easterseals’ facilitates non-direct service contacts, including calls to social security and social services offices, as well as consultation with other health care or service providers.

This Easterseals’ program also provides non-emergency respite services, designed to allow families planned time away from their mentally ill member living at home.

Criteria: Please contact Diane Krasner

County: Somerset


Funding: New Jersey State Department of Human Services’ Division of Mental Health Services

Reviewed 2/26/16

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