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Residential Services for People with Serious Mental Illness

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Easterseals’ residential services are designed to maximize an individual’s potential by providing a structured, supportive environment where participants can take control of their own personal wellbeing. Serious mental illness can be managed and individuals living with a condition can see meaningful success through consistent support.

We communicate directly with our program participants to identify what goals they would like to pursue with our support. Our experienced direct care staff and site supervisors will then work to develop a plan of care that can lead to long-lasting success.

This plan may include:
• Supportive counseling
• Medication management
• Peer group meetings
• Daily living skill education
• Case management
• Job searching
• Site monitoring
• Social & recreational activities
• Family support
• Goal setting
• Diagnosis education

Population Served/Admission Requirements

Eligible participants must be 18 years of age and have a primary psychiatric disability (serious mental illness). Individuals seeking residential services must have a need for assistance in the areas of self-maintenance, understanding mental and co-occurring illnesses, medication education, social functioning, and/or skill development.

Applicants must be able to comprehend and agree to a goal-oriented service plan and be able to participate in Easterseals' activities and recommended treatment programs within their community.

To learn more about Residential Services call 855.215.4541.

Last updated: January 26, 2024

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