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Ray's Journey to Independent Living With Home Choice

Ray has a very pleasant, outgoing personality. This was the reason that it was difficult for everyone at the nursing home when his wife passed away. This was hard on Ray, but he knew deep in his heart that it was time to move on. Ray signed up for the Home Choice Program with the hope of finding an apartment and living on his own for the first time in a very long time.

Ray suffers from some minor health ailments, but nothing that could keep him from living independently in the community. The Transition Coordinator from Easterseals, Jeff Miller, met with Ray and they implemented a plan of action for an apartment in the area. He wanted to stay close to his sister because of their close relationship. His sister would prove to be very supportive and a great asset with his move into the community.

After viewing an apartment with Ray, the TC received a phone call that Ray had been accepted into a senior housing apartment. It was exciting to see Ray’s reaction that his application was approved. Ray viewed it as his journey back into the world of independence.

Upon receiving the fantastic news of being this close to moving forward in his life, the TC proceeded to set up a date to sign the lease and move into the apartment. Ray was so overwhelmed at the lease signing he started crying about the good news and wished that his wife could have been a part of this new journey. He misses his wife every day.

The TC worked on setting up the apartment, making all the preparations with the startup transitions to fund his way into the apartment. The Home Choice program also assisted with the rent, deposit, furniture, startup groceries and household items, along with a caseworker, community support coach and a service coordinator.

Ray has been there for four months now and the service coordinator reported that he is the social butterfly in the building.

Ray considers his biggest success is getting out into the community on his own and moving forward one day at a time. To never forget about his loved one, but to still live life to the fullest!

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