2011-2012 Annual Report Financials

In Fiscal Year 2011, Easterseals

  • Influenced the lives of 54 million Americans with disabilities and their families
  • Engaged with more than 3 million volunteers, donors and the general public via face-to-face opportunities, Web site actions and online exchanges, mail and other correspondence
  • Provided Direct Services to 1.4 million individuals with disabilities and their families in the United States, Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada and Mexico

Easterseals 2011 Total Public Support and Revenue was $1,468,871,948

In 2011, Easterseals direct services improved the lives of nearly 1.4 million children and adults with disabilities and special needs and their families. Services address the needs of children and adults born with disabilities, or who acquire a disability through injury, illness, and as a functional limitation experienced through aging.

Major services include:

  • 263 medical and rehabilitation programs offering physical and occupational therapy services, speech therapy and audiology, outpatient medical rehabilitation, social work/case management, nursing, mental health and early intervention. In fiscal 2011: 182,770 children and adults received therapy and medical rehabilitation.
  • 167 workforce development programs providing vocational evaluation and assessment, work adjustment/employee development, job placement, employment planning, occupational skills training, senior community service employment programs, school-to-work transitions, and community-based and supportive employment. In fiscal 2011: 77,464 adults received job training and employment services.
  • 192 child care and children services programs across the country, providing developmental monitoring, early child development services, inclusive child care, developmental pre-school programs, and school-aged children’s services. In fiscal 2011: 52,962 children received services.
  • 160 camping, recreation, and respite programs nationwide include day camps, recreation programs, respite and residential camping for children and adults with disabilities or other special needs. In fiscal 2011: 29,854 children and adults enjoyed these programs.
  • 157 adult and senior service programs across the country with adult day centers, community-based supports programs, case management for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and in-home care designed to address the growing needs of older adults and their families. In fiscal 2011: 33,133 adults and seniors received care.
  • 104 residential housing programs supporting individuals with disabilities or other special needs living in their communities. In fiscal 2011: 6,206 children and adults were in residential care.
  • 64 assistive technology programs throughout the country providing assessments, augmentative communication, hearing aids, orthotics/prosthetics, seating services, and other assistive technology devices for adults and children. In fiscal 2011: 13,259 adults and children benefited from this service.

Additional Easterseals services include:

  • 129 support services programs provide organized support groups, equipment loan and assistive technology, financial aid assistance, transportation programs, public health education, professional health education, information and referral services, and other support services. In fiscal 2011: 127,366 people received support services.
  • Ability First Australia and its seven members provide person-centered services for children and adults with disabilities and older adults. Services include therapy services, assistive technology, camping and recreation, workforce development, residential housing and support services. In fiscal 2011, 27.280 people received services from Ability First Austrailia.
  • Easterseals Canada offers services for children and adults with disabilities and older adults, including: camping and recreation, assistive technology, workforce development, medical rehabilitation, residential housing and support for families.
  • CONFE is a confederation of 160 associate institutions in Mexico advocating for an inclusive culture for people living with intellectual disabilities. CONFE provides evaluation, early intervention, employment training and placement, recreation, counseling and support for individuals and families.
  • SER, Easterseals Puerto Rico serves both children and adults in San Juan, ponce and Aibonita. Services include Assistive technology, early Intervention for ages 0 to 3, and physical, occupational, Speech and Aquatic therapies for children and adults.

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