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Mental Health IS Health Makes Big Impact

Easterseals Michigan's Mental Health Awareness Campaign Brought Impact to Many Individuals Through Multiple Resources Provided

Auburn Hills, Michigan, June 15, 2022

Media Contact:
Craig Sharum

Throughout the month of May, Easterseals Michigan recognized Mental Health Awareness month by creating a movement targeted to bust the stigma around receiving mental health services. The theme of our campaign was “Mental Health IS Health” which emphasized making your mental health just as important as your physical health.

For this campaign, Easterseals Michigan created multiple resources for individuals to interact with and create sustainable habits when taking care of their mental health. With the help of our amazing sponsorswe were able to distribute 400 Mental Health IS Health Toolkits into the hands of companies and the community.

 self care items, insert, and resource guide within the box  image of the green MHIH box (outside)

These toolkits were packed with self-care goodies including; a laughing button, fidget cube, journal, take-a-sec tea, water bottle, bento box, and p.volve fitness equipment and membership. The toolkits also included a 40+ page resource guide and insert for Mental Health Awareness Week scheduled activities. Overall, more than 250 individuals joined our scheduled activities while many other individuals created their own wellness activities.

 Mental Health IS Health - Resource Guide  Mental Health IS Health - Mental Health Week Daily Guide

In preparation for the month of May, we also created a Mental Health IS Health t-shirt to be worn by Easterseals Michigan staff, local and government officials, local media personalities, and the public to purchase. In total, we were able to get roughly 700 Mental Health IS Health shirts into the community.

 Mental Health IS Health Shirt

May 19th brought Mental Health Action Day in partnership with MTV Entertainment Group and thousands of other organizations. This day targeted a unified message of growing connection as people of all ages continue to seek out ways to cope with effects from the pandemic and increase awareness in taking the first step toward mental health action.

 selenda gomez and first lady jill biden advocate for mental health action day

For Mental Health Action Day, Easterseals Michigan put an emphasis on providing a check up from the neck up by promoting our free and anonymous screening tool. We set a goal of 1,500 screenings taken on this day, and although we did not achieve this goal, we are proud to have impacted 748 individuals who gave themselves a free screening. During the month of May we recorded 1,967 screenings taken. 77% of those that took the screening were either consistent (48%) or highly consistent (29%) with needing additional mental health services.

During this campaign, we were fortunate to be featured on many local news stations. Thanks to Near Perfect Media, we were able to complete and have 6 interviews with staff air about this campaign. In total, we were able to obtain 801,714 unique views per month, which correlates to website traffic. To view these interviews, please visit our YouTube Channel HERE.

ESM IT Department in MHIH tshirtsJenn Schanz MHIH shirt

99.5WCYD staff in MHIH shirts

Sen Winnie Brinks with MHIH tshirt

Donovan Long in MHIH tshirt

Furthermore, we also saw a large impact from this campaign on our social media and website. On all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) we saw growth which can be inferred as a correlation with this campaign.

On Facebook, we had 85,823 total impressions (up 69.3% from last month) and 4,935 total engagements (up 31.4% since last month). On Instagram, we had 6,241 (up 7.5% from last month) and 416 total engagements (up 20.2% since last month). On Twitter, we had 4,627 total impressions (up 90.4% from last month) and 106 total engagements (up 73.8% since last month). On LinkedIn, we had 13,594 total impressions (up 50.7% from last month) and 1,052 total engagements (up 36.3% since last month). On top of this, our website recorded 8,377 visits to our site, where 79.5% were new visitors.

Our Mental Health IS Health has also surpassed our fundraising goal of $60,000! As of June 2nd, we have raised $65,561 for mental health services!

Thank you to everyone who made this campaign possible and supported our mission along the way!

Mental Health IS Health!

Infographic of MHIH Wrap up

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