'I Figured There Has to Be a Way'

Getting Creative About Tomorrow When a Gift Isn't Possible Today

Jean has faced hard times before, but a recent setback hit her especially hard: A fire destroyed everything she owned.

Even as she rebuilds her life, Jean is determined to help others. She's lived with epilepsy nearly all her life and has always tried to put good out into the world.

"I decided that if I couldn't see good, I'd create it," she says.

That same can-do attitude is what Jean loves about Easterseals: our determination to redefine disability and make profound, positive differences in people's lives every day.

But, while Jean would like to support our work in a significant way, it's just not feasible for her to do anytime soon. So she called us about making Easterseals the beneficiary of a trust that her mother left for her.

"I was wondering how I could plan to help others, just as my mother planned to help me," she says.

In the end, she could help people and families challenged by disabilities—but without needing to write a check or transfer any assets today.

Jean says it's a very satisfying solution. "Despite all that's happened, I didn't want to stop my plans," she says. "I figured there has to be a way."

Have you considered supporting Easterseals, and those we serve, beyond your lifetime? We invite you to contact the Easterseals Gift Planning Team at giftplanning@easterseals.com or 800-221-6827, ext. 7240 to learn more.

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