Disability Awareness Curriculum

FRIENDS WHO CARE® is designed to help children better understand what it means to live with a disability, and to encourage children to accept differences. It explains what differing disabilities are, and provides hands-on activities to help children learn how people with disabilities live independent, everyday lives.

Sponsored by Friendly's Restaurants, LLC, FRIENDS WHO CARE® is designed in seven units of 45 minutes. Over the years, teachers have used the materials during social studies and/or during hours where originally scheduled classes and activities have been changed. It can be taught during one week, or over several. Download the materials below.

Image of Friends Who Care Activity Sheets Introduction, Speakers Guidelines and Activity Sheets(.PDF)*
FRIENDS WHO CARE® is designed in seven units of 45 minutes. Start out by making copies of the FRIENDS WHO CARE® letter of introduction to send home with students. Introduce the program with the attitudes survey and keep completed copies for later discussion with students.

Friends Who Care Teachers Guide Image FRIENDS WHO CARE® Teacher's Guide (.PDF)*
The FRIENDS WHO CARE® Teacher's Guide outlines lessons and hands-on activities to help students learn more about vision, hearing, and physical disabilities, as well as learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and, new in this update, autism.

Friends Who Care Teachers Guide Image Poster (.PDF)*
Print this poster for your classroom. Shannon Saunders Eaton is the girl in the photo. Read her quote below her photo.

Friends Who Care Bookmark Image


Distribute bookmarks to your students. Each bookmark includes nine helpful hints when meeting friends with disabilities.

Friends Who Care Coupon Image Coupon
Congratulate your students for their good work and let them know that their Friendly's Restaurants team congratulates them, too. Request a coupon for each of your students from Friendly's. Up to 100 coupons available per school or organization. Please visit to check to see if there is a Friendly’s restaurant in your area before requesting coupons.

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