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Darryn's Move-In Interview

Our newest housing program just housed its first participant! You can hear Darryn's relief and excitement in every word, during this heartwarming interview.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create and deliver disability services, workforce development and housing programs that result in 100% included and empowered participants in their communities.

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Expanding Our Veteran Support

Easterseals Oregon was recently selected to receive a grant from the Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs, in order to expand our services to veterans experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness. These funds will empower our program staff to lift even more veterans out of homelessness and back into stability.

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Several sunflowers, growing in the community garden, on a sunny day.
The inaugural year of our community garden plot at the Skinner City farm has provided opportunities for Sean (Veterans Employment Specialist, Eugene) to engage with our participants in a beautiful and calming environment.
Classroom with chalkboard. Written on the chalkboard is a list of words in English, accompanied by their Spanish translations.
Thanks to a superb grant provided by the Collin's Foundation, our Connecting Communities program has been able to broaden and deepen its community impact even further. We now have the ability to provide classes and services in 5 different spoken languages!
Orange and navy Easterseals Oregon logo hovering over navy text that reads
We were recently selected by the Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs to receive a grant which will enable us to further expand our services for veterans who are experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness.
Exterior of yellow and brown building. Barn door is open, revealing a bicycle repair shop. Exterior sign reads
One of the biggest barriers to overcoming poverty and homelessness is finding reliable transportation to work. Our Eugene homeless veterans employment team partnered with Sponsors, inc. for a wonderful approach to break this barrier down for some of our participants.

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Stories of Hope

Maggie is standing near a clothing rack, inside the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop. She's sorting through clothing on hangers, and she's smiling.
Cultivating Maggie's Career Shift

After 20 years as a nurse, Maggie could no longer physically accomplish the required tasks, but what would she do now?

Robert is standing outside of a Macy's location. He is wearing a Salvation Army red apron, holding a bell, standing next to a donation collection stand. He is smiling and posing for the photograph.
Helping US Army Veteran, Robert Spread Kindness

After struggling for years with PTSD and other barriers, Robert was ready to find happiness, stability, and direction again.

HVRP Participant, Daniel. He is at work, as a construction manager. He os wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a black t-shirt. He is standing on a ladder, and working on a cross-beam above his head.
Constructing the Complete Solution - Daniel's Success Story

Even with very employable skills, Daniel still struggled to find employment because of his criminal record. This is where our team stepped in, to help.

Dany is standing, inside of the Safeway grocery store, where he works. He is wearing a mask, a black jacket, and tan pants. His hands are in his pockets, and he is looking into the camera.
Dany's Path to Independence and Employment

When Dany needed help identifying and achieving career goals, our Connecting Communities Program was the perfect stepping stone.

Richard, AKA RA, standing on top of a scissor lift, at his job. He is wearing a yellow hard hat, safety goggles, knee pads, jeans, a tool belt, and a grey sweatshirt.
Getting the Tools to Carve Out a New Future

This Veteran's journey from homelessness to housed and employed was a test of his body and his mind, but he pushed through.

HVRP Participant, Charles is sitting at his workbench at his new job. He's smiling and wearing a blue hat, green jacket, and gloves. Location: warehouse at Precision Fulfillment
Charles Meets "The Boss" - A Veterans' Employment Success Story

With the help of our partners at Precision Fulfillment, we were able to help get homeless Veteran, Charles into stable employment

Mark is wearing a neon yellow flagger uniform, holding a stop sign at his new job, as a flagger at A+ Flagging. Location: a residential street.
Mark Leveraged His Existing Skills to Escape Homelessness

After becoming homeless during the deepest stages of the pandemic, Mark needed help identifying steps back to independence.

Elijah M. is wearing his new work uniform: a security guard uniform. He is also wearing a blue mask and glasses. He is posing in front of a planked fence, holding his radio.
Elijah's Journey (Part 2)

Earlier this year, we shared Elijah's success in our housing assistance program. Now we're happy to share his employment assistance story, too!

Connecting Communities Participant, Kevin. He is standing in the dining are at his work: The Old Spaghetti Factory. He's wearing his all-black uniform, which includes an apron and a hat. He's smiling and facing the camera.
Kevin's Connecting Communities Journey

When negative stigma about disability created barriers to employment for Kevin, our team helped him break those barriers down.

Get to Know Our Programs

SCSEP Participant Cashier - Featured Programs

Empowering Seniors in a Changing Job Market

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) assists low-income seniors seeking employment, training assistance, and social engagement. Through our transitional employment program, we equip seniors with updated skills, empowering them to enter a new and changing job market.

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CCP Featured Program Image 12-18-20

Breaking Down Language Barriers to Build Up Communities

One of the biggest challenges to attaining employment in the Latin-American community is the language barrier. The Connecting Communities program provides employment services for individuals with disabilities who have language and/or literacy barriers, empowering them to pursue their career goals.

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Excited Veterans Moving In

Serving the Families of Those Who Have Served Our Country

Our Supportive Services for Veteran Families program provides support to veterans and their families to find permanent housing, prevent eviction, obtain documentation, secure benefits (SSI or VA), and increase skills and income.

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