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Career Exploration

This program assists individuals with disabilities and special needs to explore their career interests while developing employment skills. We utilize an array of assessment tools and techniques to determine potential career fields in which, based on a job-seeker’s unique skills and abilities, a participant may be successful. In addition, we provide opportunities for participants to develop their job skills through an assortment of experiences and training.

Our Goal:

To empower participants through exposure to a variety of career opportunities within their community in order to achieve independence, inclusion, and self-sustainability.

Our Services:

Assessments and Evaluations:

An array of assessment tools are utilized to assist participants with developing a “vocational profile.” A participants’ skills and abilities will then be assessed in order to create a unique vocational goal. Our staff will then guide the individual as they pursue their goals, changing course as needed.

Career Counseling:

One-to-one and group sessions are conducted to assist participants with exploring their own interests, career options, and abilities. Education is provided about the labor market in our region, including in-demand jobs, and potential market growth. Tools for self-motivation and self-advocacy are provided and discussed.

Work-Based Learning:

Community-based work assessments allow the career exploration staff to evaluate how the participant performs in a work environment and identifies the participant’s preferences as related to the position. Additionally, through job shadowing, a participant may observe an individual with their desired job as they perform their daily tasks.

Employment Readiness Training and Advocacy:

Interview skills are provided and participants are afforded the opportunity to participate in a simulated interview. This opens pathways for the career exploration coordinator to educate participants on interpersonal skills, self-advocacy, disability disclosure, and requesting accommodations.

These services assist participants to identify an ideal “job match” and pursue their career goals.

If you or an individual you know is interested in career exploration services, or would like to learn more about our Career Exploration program, please call our referral line at 855.215.4541

Last updated: June 10, 2019

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