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Video Transcript - Marti Clark

Marti's Wish

Film Description:
This is a film about Easterseals 2004 national child representative, Marti.

Film Transcript

Marti's Mom: What does an 11-year-old girl wish for?
Like most girls her age, my daughter Marti wishes for love and laughter, friends and fun. When she was born with Down syndrome, the doctors did not give us much hope for her future.
Marti's Dad:  All we were given was a book of gloom and doom -- the doctor gave us no real hope for the future. We did the best we could, but we didn't know what kind of activities would help Marti fulfill her wishes, or how hard it was going to be to get Marti the support she needed -- the right doctors, therapists, and schools.
But Easterseals knew -- at the Easterseals center, Marti got the support she needed to walk, talk, and interact socially with others.
Marti's Mom: The first public school Marti attended was not ready for her needs, and didn't know how to work with her in the classroom. Easterseals gave us the resources to face those challenges and help Marti succeed.
Marti's Dad: Easterseals has guided us around so many roadblocks, helping us be better parents and advocates for Marti. They gave us hope and courage that our daughter could participate in and enjoy a full and productive life.
Marti's Mom: Marti loves life -- and is the happiest, most energetic child...
She rides horses, participates in gymnastics, and sings in the church choir.
Marti's Dad: Marti really has been able to do the things other children do. But this would not have been possible without the help we received from Easterseals.
Marti's Mom: Easterseals helped fulfill Marti's wishes and the dreams we have for her.

Marti's Dad: In these tough economic times, government funding for people with disabilities has been cut dramatically. Many adults and children just like Marti are going without the services they need. This year more than a million people are counting on Easterseals for support.
Marti's Mom and Dad: You can make Marti's wish come true - donate to Easterseals now!

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