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Below is a list of common questions we hear at Easterseals Michigan, and their answers. If you have another question or would like to request more information about Easterseals Michigan, feel free to use our online form to contact us. Thanks for your interest!

What is Easterseals Michigan?

Easterseals Michigan provides services to help children and adults with disabilities and/or special needs as well as support to their families. We've been helping families in Michigan since 1920. Today, Easterseals Michigan assists more than 13,800 individuals and their families annually at various service locations around the state and in communities state-wide. We provide top-quality, innovative services tailored to meet the specific needs of the people we serve.

What types of services does Easterseals Michigan provide?

Our primary Easterseals services include:

Are Easterseals Michigan services limited to specific types of disabilities?

No. Easterseals is committed to caring for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities and special needs resulting from any cause -- whether diagnosed at birth or incurred through disease, accidental injury or the aging process.

How many people receive Easterseals Michigan services each year?

Every year, more than 13,800 individuals benefit from Easterseals Michigan services and over 1,000,000 from Easterseals locations around the world. Additionally, Easterseals helps more than 100,000 physicians, therapists and other professionals learn ways to improve services for people with disabilities through professional education programs.

How is Easterseals Michigan supported financially?

Easterseals Michigan receives funding from a variety of sources, including private insurers, government agencies and fee-for-service. To make our services accessible to as many people as possible Easterseals also relies on public contributions. Public contributions help cover the difference between actual program costs and what our clients can afford. Help us to continue to provide exceptional services by making an online donation.

How are the funds disseminated?

Easterseals is proud of putting your donations to work effectively. More than 90 percent of Easterseals' revenue supports services in the area where funds are raised. Easterseals is a grassroots, community-based organization.

How large is the Easterseals organization?

Easterseals assists more than one million individuals with disabilities each year at more than 550 service sites in the United States and Puerto Rico. Easterseals headquarters in Chicago provides assistance to more than 70 affiliates through management training, implementation of best practices and consultation services.

Is Easterseals a non-profit organization?

Yes. Easterseals is a non-profit provider of health and human services, incorporated under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Does Easterseals have a religious affiliation?

No. Easterseals is not affiliated with any religion and does not discriminate. At the core of the Easterseals organization is a common passion for caring, shared by our staff and by those who support our mission.

What are Easter "seals"?

Easter "seals" are stamp-like seals that were first created in 1934 to raise money for services benefiting children with disabilities. Then known as the National Society for Crippled Children, the organization was re-named "Easter Seals" in 1967, reflecting the public's awareness and acceptance of the campaign.

Do Easter "seals" still exist today?

Yes. In fact, Easterseals mails seals to more than 19 million households across the country every year, raising almost $14 million to support services to children and adults with disabilities and their families.

How can I volunteer?

Easterseals' continued success in providing services to people with disabilities would not be possible without volunteers! Your time, energy and hearts will inspire and touch the lives of those we serve. Your personal commitment enhances the services we provide to our clients nationwide. Search for a volunteer opportunity in your area.

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