Whether you know someone with a disability or are simply interested in learning more, the following information will help you learn something new about living with a disability, and help overcome misunderstandings and misinformation.

In the spotlight

Andy therapy

What makes the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center so special? Our people. Caring, dedicated, professional therapists, teachers, social workers and many others change the lives of local children and adults with disabilities.

Easterseals Expertise

Nationwide, as many as 54 million Americans have a disability. Locally, 1 out of every 4 families will need the services of the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center at some time in their lives. Maybe your neighbor has an injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident, or your co-worker has a child with cerebral palsy. Your grandmother may be recovering from stroke - or maybe you are one of every five Americans with a disability. Look around you, and you'll find people of all abilities who are vital participants in their communities despite the barriers they may encounter.

The barriers, physical or otherwise, people with disabilities face begin with people's attitudes - attitudes often rooted in misinformation and misunderstanding. Easterseals provides answers to help everyone create solutions that change lives... maybe even their own.

ReadAbility Resource Library at the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center.
Local parents now have a free resource to help them understand their child’s disability and to connect with the information and support systems they need. A selection of books, tapes, videos, computer software, and online resources are invaluable tools for parents of children with special needs, regardless of their financial situation.

@ Home
Learn how to make your home safe and accessible for someone with a disability, or develop an emergency evacuation plan.

@ School - Easterseals Hop-N-Ing:
Preschoolers and elementary school students learn that people with disabilities are just like them, and get an opportunity to make a difference for individuals served by the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center. This comprehensive disability awareness curriculum is available for loan to tri-state teachers.

@ Work
Know your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act whether you're an employee or an employer. Ensure your safety and the safety of your colleagues with an emergency evacuation plan. 

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