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Easterseals 2019 Walk With Me Ambassador Knows How to Love

July 19, 2019

Easterseals is delighted to have Tish as one of this year’s ambassadors for their 7th annual “Walk With Me & 5K Fun Run Delmarva” event.

Love is not just words said on your wedding day, but how one lives those words out each day. Love is shown in health, but especially in sickness. Emory and Otisia “Tish” did not know 37 years ago when they said those words “in sickness and in health” that sickness would come sooner than they thought. Though caregiving for Tish, who had her first stroke at 45, has not come without trials, it is Emory’s great attitude, support from family and a team of caring professionals at an Easterseals Adult Day program, that has really made a huge impact in how they continue to live their lives.

“I don’t think I knew what love was until Tish got sick. I had no idea I could handle it. I have to help her with everything,” Emory says. “Easterseals has been a lifesaver. The staff takes great care of her. I know it’s their job but they don’t treat it like a job. You can see they really care. I am so overwhelmingly grateful. She is well taken care of and safe. I know all of her needs will be addressed.”

Easterseals adult day services enable Emory to continue to care for Tish at home. It gives him the break he needs to re-energize, take care of his needs, and run errands. Tish attends the program five days a week and enjoys painting, ball toss and parachute exercises. She also enjoys the camaraderie felt amongst the participants and staff in the program.

“As long as I can take care of her, I will take care of her here at home and thanks to Easterseals I can do that. Our life is not stress free but it is peaceful,” Emory says. “While she is at Easterseals I don’t have to be on guard. I can relax, take a nap to catch up on sleep, go shopping or make dinner. I know Easterseals is great for her and truly great for me.”

Easterseals is delighted to have Tish as one of this year’s ambassadors for their 7th annual “Walk With Me & 5K Fun Run Delmarva” event. The event is scheduled for 3 pm on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at Baywood Greens, 32267,
Clubhouse Way, Long Neck, DE. Funds raised through Walk With Me help Easterseals provide critically needed services to families living with disabilities in our local community. Registration for this year’s Walk With Me event is available at www.walkwithme.org/delmarva or by contacting Linda Forte at 302-253-1100 or lforte@esdel.org.

A great attitude goes a long way and that is what Emory has. He has a saying he uses often, “If that’s the worst thing that is going to happen today, it is going to be a great day.”

For 100 years nationally, Easterseals has served as an indispensable resource for individuals with disabilities, veterans, seniors and their families. Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore offers a range of services, including children’s therapies, assistive technology, recreational camping, day programs for adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, and respite services for caregivers. To learn more about how your local Easterseals helps children and adults with disabilities, call 1-800-677-3800 or visit www.de.easterseals.com.

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