Easterseals Success Stories

Easter Seals is the region's leading provider of services and support for children and adults living with disabilities. Our clients' stories offer insight into the type of services provided by Easter Seals -- and provide inspiration for individuals and families that people living with disabilities can and do lead meaningful lives.

Helping Parents See a Bright Future

Today, Scarlett and her older brothers Jackson and Ryder race around the playground exploring every area together. Their parents, Kelsey and Jonathan, beam with pride because they know that one year ago, these cherished moments would not have been possible. One year ago, Scarlett was not able to stand, let alone run, but now thanks to the help of Easterseals physical therapy, Scarlett can keep up with her brothers. Read Scarlett's story. 

A Place for Carolyn to Blossom 

Carolyn loves her Easterseals day program for adults with intellectual disabilities. She loves it so much that when she is not there, she is asking to go. This sentiment means a lot to her parents, Jeanne and Larry, who call the program “the perfect fit for Carolyn.” Read Carolyn's Story

New Found Freedom - Thanks to Camp Fairlee

At Easterseals Camp Fairlee, Jake is able to soar on a zip line, sing his heart out in “Fairlee’s Got Talent” and savor new foods in a safe and nurturing environment. Meanwhile, his parents, Jen and Frank, get the break they need. Read Jake's story. 

A Young man sitting on a rolling device in a gym looking at the camera.

Easterseals is Keeping Emory and Tish Together as a Family

Love is not just words said on your wedding day, but how one lives those words out each day. Emory and Otisia “Tish” did not know 37 years ago when they said the words “in sickness and in health” that sickness would come sooner than they thought. Though caregiving for Tish, who had her first stroke at 45, has not come without trials, it is Emory’s great attitude, support from family and a team of caring professionals at an Easterseals Adult Day program, that has really made a huge impact in their lives. Read Tish's story. (.pdf)

A Lifetime of Valuable Resources

There is a lot to be said about Rosemary “Rosie” O’Connell. The always-fashionable Rosie loves arts & crafts, especially when she does them at one of her favorite places…her adult day program at Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore – which she has been attending since 1975.  . Read Rosie's story. (.pdf)

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