Employment and Training

Finding a Job and Contributing in Your Community

 Easterseals assists individuals who want to secure and/or maintain employment by providing services that match their abilities and interests.

The unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities is more than double that of non-disabled workers. Many people with disabilities want to work, but have not been able to secure jobs because of accessibility and societal barriers.

Easterseals workforce development services provide an individualized approach to assisting persons with intellectual disabilities, including autism, to make informed choices and attain their employment aspirations.  Easterseals can help individuals determine the best path forward in reaching their employment goals.

Employment for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

Easterseals assists individuals who want to secure and/or maintain employment by providing support services that optimize their abilities and interests. 

Participants can choose individual or group employment. Easterseals conducts an assessment of a person's interests, skills and knowledge that would be applicable to the workplace. Individuals focus on identifying or developing skills that will help in their employment search. We match people and jobs so that participants work for community employers at competitive wages. On-going supports are maintained indefinitely to increase individual success. 

Group Supported Employment (GSE) provides a competitive, supervised employment option for individuals in the community.  Groups of up to eight participants work with an Easter Seals staff member in a variety of jobs. On-going assessment of soft skills and job competence are a core component of these services. Supports are faded over time to prepare individuals for individual employment opportunities.

Individual Supported Employment (ISE) assists individuals in securing and maintaining competitive community employment. Services include assessment, placement, intensive training and follow-along. Supports are decreased over a limited period of time as individuals become independent and natural supports in the work setting are identified. Once employment is stable, on-going support and training to the individual and employer are designed to maintain successful employment.

Path to Employment: Pre-Vocational Services
We focus on identifying or developing skills that will help you in your employment search.

Easterseals Pre-Vocational Services program is ideal for adults who like variety and seek opportunities in the community while expanding individual skills to work toward employment. The program provides opportunity to experience the community through work-based learning, volunteer opportunities and recreation & leisure activities.  
The primary emphasis is on integrated community activities designed to promote employment readiness. Opportunities for developing work experience and skills are a primary focus. Regular community experiences, work skills assessment, and on-going practice are key components of this service. A variety of recreational, leisure and volunteer activities present on-going practice and coaching in social competencies in community settings.

Pre-Vocational Services are available at Easterseals locations in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties.  The program runs Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Easter Seals can help employers create winning solutions in reaching employment goals!

Contact Easterseals to learn more about Easter Seals Workforce Development services in your area.

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