Assistive Technology Services

Assistive TechnologyWhat is Assistive Technology? Assistive Technology (AT) is any device, system and/or related service that maintains or improves the functional capability of individuals with disabilities. AT can be beneficial to people of all ages with a variety of disablities or special needs, both long-term and short term. AT could be considered ”tools for independence” to allow someone to live, work, learn or play more independently.

Home Assessments: Stay in your home as long as possible Have you or someone you know had a change in health status which impacts the ability to live safely or independently at home? Or are you caring for a loved one, child or adult, who is aging and who’s needs at home are changing? Our HOME ASSESSMENT Service may be what you need.

Worksite Assessments: Steps to a Healthy, Dependable Workforce
Assistive Technology Assuring that employees with special health needs, i.e. back problems, vision problems, motor problems, have the proper equipment to allow them to successfully complete the necessary job tasks requires an evaulation by an experienced clinician. Our WORKSITE ASSESSMENT service helps those re-entering the workforce, or those with changing needs who are already working, learn about the tools they can use to be productive employees.

Seating Assessments: Comfort and Safety for Wheelchair Users
Proper fit of the wheelchair and seating components is essential for any mobility device. The correct wheelchair and seating system can increase independence, prevent skin breakdown and improve comfort. Easter Seals is one of only two providers who use computerized pressure mapping when skin breakdown is a concern. If you have wheelchair concerns, our SEATING ASSESSMENT service may be the answer.

Computer Access Assessments: Opening the Door to On-line Success
Selecting the correct computer system, software and peripherals can significantly improve access to a computer. Whether someone is using the computer for greater success in school, as their primary tool at work, or to ”surf the web” and stay in touch with loved ones, our COMPUTER ACCESS ASSESSMENT service can provide recommendations for greater access.

Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC) Assessments: The ability to communicate is something we take for granted, until you no longer have it.
Speech generating devices can help someone who has a communication limitation, i.e. due to stroke, multiple sclerosis, cognitive impairments, etc. successfully communicate with others. Through our ACC ASSESSMENT service, various devices will be tried to determine what works best for the cleint.

Integrated Service Delivery Model: A Comprehensive plan for Greater Independence
Through our Integrated Service Delivery Model (ISDM) particpants in any of our programs have access to AT and therapy services to support and enhance their experiience at Easter Seals. Our AT Specialists and therapists provide consultation to direct program staff to help meet the needs of the clients we serve.

Education and Outreach: Learn more about the benefits of Assistive Technology!
Education about Assistive Technology, the benefits it can provide, and resources for obtaining AT are essential so that consumers make knowledgeable decisions about equipment. Check our site often for upcoming trainings that Easter Seals is offering at our locations thorughout the region. Please contact Nancy Ranalli if there are trainings you are interested in having Easter Seals host.

Our Staff: Knowledge and experience!
AT Services are provided by skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable Assistive Technology Specialists and therapists as appropriate. They work hard to remain current with the latest techology and equipment by attending national conferences, participating in web-based seminars, and researching the latest technology. The asessments are comprehensive, and the written report includes any recommended equipment.

Schedule an Assessment: Trust us for your Assistive Technology Needs!
If you or someone you know needs an Assistive Technology Assessment, call (302) 221-2087 or (800) 677-3800 to schedule an assessment. For additional information, contact Nancy Ranalli.

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