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Caring for a family member? 

You're not alone. According to the National Family Caregivers Association, more than one quarter of the adult population has provided care to a family member or friend during the past year. Adult Day Care Services address the medical and social needs of individuals who experience the effects of aging and/or the impact of a physical disability. Easter Seals provides choices when a loved one needs assistance with daily living, and does not prefer full-time nursing home care.

Woman in Adult Day Health ServicesLike all Easterseals services, the adult day care services are comprehensive and individualized to meet each client's needs, family-focused to meet each family member's concerns, outcome-oriented with a goal of enhanced independence, and use public support in a cost-effective manner. The adult day care program offers a break for family caregivers responsible for a relative who is unable to function independently, but does not require 24-hour nursing care. 

Participants in the program may have: a physical disability, a mental impairment, a need for special assistance with activities of daily living or have recently returned from a hospital visit. Easterseals provides a safe group environment with coordinated health and social services. Center-based care may prevent, postpone, or reduce the use of a nursing facility. It may also make it possible for someone to return to a loving home from a nursing facility. Easterseals programs provide medical supervision and health-related services on a daily basis. Nursing staff administers medications and monitors a variety of medical conditions. Most often, therapy services (occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy) are available.

We have locations in New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties to serve you. Click here to find the location nearest you.

Visit an Easterseals adult day center and you’ll find a safe, friendly and caring group environment with coordinated health and social services. You'll experience peace of mind when a qualified, dedicated staff offers you and your loved one a continuation of your own high standards of care. Click below to learn more, and click here to view our brochure!

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