Caregiver Support Programs

Are you handling your aging mother's bills? Do you take your grandfather to the grocery store once a week? Do you take time off work to drive your spouse to doctors’ appointments? If so, you are a caregiver. While being a caregiver to a loved one can be rewarding, it can also be exhausting. Easterseals has many services and programs for individuals with a disability, special need, or aging condition, but you, their caregiver, need support as well. Click below on our services to see how we can help!

Caregiver Resource Center

Whether you are looking for a day program for your aunt, or funding to purchase an adapted van, our experienced Case Managers in Easterseals' Caregiver Resource Centers will answer your questions and provide you with information to help you in your important role as a caregiver. Find resources and information that will help with caring for a loved one with a disability or aging condition through this free service. Get in touch with us at!

Respite Services

Providing care to a loved one with a disability, special need or aging condition often leaves a caregiver feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed. Caregivers occasionally need rest and relief – also known as respite! Respite is a break from caregiving, whether it occurs weekly or sporadically throughout the year, and it’s different for everyone.  For all caregivers, however, it allows a chance to take care of yourself.

Caregiver Education & Support

Throughout the year, Easterseals offers workshops, support groups, and other events for caregivers. The purpose is to provide resources and practical tools and tips, as well as information on how caregivers can take care of themselves.

Resource & Technology Demonstration Center

The Resource and Technology Demonstration Center has hundreds of pieces of assistive technology on display for visitors to see and learn about.  We do not sell any products from the Center but our knowledgeable staff can provide information about where and how to purchase devices. Stop in the Resource and Technology Demonstration Center during regular business hours or call to set up an appointment for a virtual tour.  Call 302-221-2076 or 302-253-1129 to talk with one of our Case Managers, or email us at .

Watch these videos to see demonstrations on some of the assistive technology available at the Resource and Technology Demonstration Center:

Click here to take a virtual tour of the center. 

Click here for a downloadable flyer on the Resource and Technology Demonstration Center.

FYI: Finance Your Independence

Through the FYI: Finance Your Independence assistive technology financing program, Easterseals has partnerships with lending institutions which can help finance assistive technology with lower interest loans. Whether you are looking for an adapted van to transport your child who uses a wheelchair, modifications to your home so your mother can move in with you, hearing aids for your spouse, or an adapted computer for your home business, the FYI: Finance Your Independence Program may be the answer. Our Case Managers will help you through the process and answer all your questions. For more information, call 302-221-2076 or 302-253-1129 or email

Click here for the FYI: Finance Your Independence flyer.

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