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Caregiver and Respite Services

Caregiver Support 

Are you handling your aging mother's bills? Do you take your grandfather to the grocery store once a week? Do you take time off work to drive your spouse to doctors’ appointments? If so, you are a caregiver. While being a caregiver to a loved one can be rewarding, it can also be exhausting. Easterseals has many services and programs for individuals with a disability, special need, or aging condition, but you, their caregiver, need support as well.  

Caregiver Support information here.

Respite Services

Providing care to a loved one with a disability, special need or aging condition often leaves a caregiver feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed. Caregivers occasionally need rest and relief – also known as respite! Respite is a break from caregiving, whether it occurs weekly or sporadically throughout the year, and it’s different for everyone.  For all caregivers, however, it allows a chance to take care of yourself.

At Easterseals we offer several types of respite services, including funding for respite through the Easterseals Lifespan Respite Programs which help caregivers pay for respite care through three grant programs. Our Lifespan Respite, Relative Respite, and Child and Adolescent Caregiver Respite programs allow caregivers to pay a trusted relative, friend, neighbor, or professional to watch their loved one while they take a break from their caregiving responsibilities for a brief period or even an extended vacation.

Click here to learn more about each program.

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