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Respite Services

Respite services provide a short term break for unpaid caregivers of those we serve.

Our Method

At Easterseals MORC, we understand the stresses involved with caring for a loved one with an intellectual disability.  One of the ways we help to alleviate these stresses is by providing respite care.

Respite means a break.  Our respite services offer short term, hourly or overnight relief for families taking care of a person with a developmental disability.  These services give family members the opportunity to go out for an evening, take a vacation, take care of other needs, or simply take a break.

Who is Eligible for Respite Services?

Families of children and adults with developmental disabilities who are currently living with their parent(s) or guardian in Oakland or Wayne County.  Respite services approval may vary by county, so ask your Easterseals MORC Support Coordinator or local Easterseals MORC office for more information.

How Much Do Respite Services Cost?

Payment for respite services is dependent on the family’s ability to pay.  No one is denied service based on lack of financial resources.

What Types of Respite Services are Available?

  • Home Respite: A relative or friend chosen by the individual with a developmental disability and his or her parent or guardian provides care.
  • Residential Respite: An individual receiving services stays for a short time at a licensed, residential respite home.  While a guest at a respite home, individuals receive 24 hour supervision from well-trained, attentive and compassionate staff.  These homes offer barrier free environments with services provided in a safe, comfortable and family-oriented setting.

What Respite Homes are Available?

  • Lahser Respite Home: Lahser home is located in Beverly Hills and is operated by Judson Center.  It is licensed to provide respite care to children with developmental disabilities and physical challenges aged 5 to 18 in Oakland and Wayne counties.


Services are available for individuals with intellectual disabilities who are on Medicaid and meet the eligibility requirements for public mental health services.

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