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Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors offer support and guidance from someone who understands to those we serve in all areas of life.

About Peer Mentors

At Easterseals MORC, we understand how difficult it can be to navigate the complex systems in our communities to find the services you need. Sometimes having someone who has a disability and who has been through the system to help can make things easier.  This person is called a Peer Mentor.

A Peer Mentor is a person with a disability who has learned problem solving strategies, how to be a self-advocate and how to navigate systems in their community. Peer mentors don’t tell their peers how to live their lives, they instead offer the benefit of their experiences, provide encouragement, and help those they work with construct strategies to bring about the changes they want in their lives.

Ways Peer Mentors Can Help You

  • Be an ally in helping you advocate for things that are important to you.
  • Assist with the person-centered planning process.
  • Help you navigate the system.
  • Help you find resources in the community that can aid in independence.
  • Offer encouragement and support through the benefit of their experience.
  • Help in specialized areas such as recreational opportunities, community inclusion, transitioning into housing, education or employment, transportation, and more.

Find an IDD Peer Mentor

Below are available IDD Peer Mentors and their areas of expertise.  Click on their name to read their full profile and get their contact information

Lisa Barger: housing transitions, employment, self-advocacy.  View Profile

Blossom Combs:  social skills, securing employment. View Profile

Matt Fritzen:  computer skills, finding community resources, transportation.  View Profile

Laura Grassi:  person-centered planning, community resources. View Profile

Megian Johns:  transitions, and physical activity.  View Profile

Alex Kimmel:  self-determination, transitions, employment.  View Profile

Debbie King:  Person-centered planning and self-determination. View Profile

Amie Kupovits:  Person-centered planning, organization, advocacy, microbusiness support.  View Profile

Rhonda Nick:  independent facilitation, circles of support, helping with person-centered planning and employment.  View Profile

Janeaqua Watkins:  communicating needs, social skills building, daily living coaching and community access.  View Profile


To Request a Peer Mentor:   You can request a Peer Mentor by asking your Support Coordinator for one prior to developing your person-centered plan.

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