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Meet Tammy!

Image of Tammy for ambassador story

Easterseals MORC helps Aspiring Writer to Live Independently

Tammy’s peers would say that she is older than her years and focuses on whatever grabs her attention at that given time. She is also a writer, a self-advocate, enjoys video games, and sharpening her computer skills.

“I work hard and play harder,” Tammy said. “If I am asked for advice, my peers know that I won’t lie or sugarcoat things to spare their feelings.”

Tammy has worked very hard to get to where she is in life today. With the help of Easterseals MORC, she explained how she has been able to live comfortably, despite challenges that life has thrown her way.

Tammy has been living with challenges that affect her movement and muscle tone or posture. But these challenges don’t stop her from writing countless books and poems, mostly featuring characters with disabilities in order to ensure accurate portrayal.

“My dream is to one day be a published author,” Tammy said. “I hope that I can give people with disabilities role models that we can relate to in our personal lives.”

Today, Tammy lives in her family home with the help of support staff for certain tasks. Easterseals MORC has assisted Tammy in building a wheelchair accessible bathroom and assisted with a new wheelchair and other equipment.

“Easterseals MORC has allowed me to keep living a comfortable life after graduation from high school,” Tammy said. “They have handled all my medical equipment and were the first to suggest staffing to get me out of the house without my parents driving me everywhere.”

Easterseals MORC staff have been able to provide transportation needs for Tammy and along the way teach various community living skills. She has also volunteered at The Fowler Center where she has served on their Board of Directors and was a guest keynote speaker at various events.

In the future, Tammy hopes to go back to school for computer engineering, computer game design, and programming.

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