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Meet Sean

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Published Writer

Sean Nash is an accomplished writer who has received services from Easterseals MORC since 2005. Throughout his life, Sean has always looked at his disability as an ability - an ability to share, an ability to inspire and an ability to grow.

Sean was born in Boston and moved to Michigan with his family when he was 15 years old.  He became interested in writing when he was in high school and a teacher in his Science Fiction class showed him how he could use his creativity through writing. His talent took off from there.  

In May 2018, Sean published his first book, “The Crop Dusters Son,” on Amazon. It tells the story of an army crop-duster pilot that was inspired from his love of World War Two aviation. Two additional books, both inspired as sci-fi spin offs from his first book, tell the stories of the disappearance of an aircraft and the questioning of UFO existence. Each book was sequentially released in 2021 and 2022, with a third book in the series in the works!

In addition to his success as a writer, Sean also received the My Life Award at the Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN), “Your Voice, Your Value” Conference in May. This award recognizes individuals that progress through the person-centered planning process and utilize natural and community resources to live the life they choose and pursue their dreams. Sean credits much of his success to the support and encouragement he received from his Easterseals MORC Support Coordinator Lervetris Clora.

Sean’s success continues to be an inspiration to others.

“Write, be brave enough to publish your works,” Sean said. “and don’t be afraid to be uniquely yourself.”


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