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Meet Sarah!

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Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse Member Finds Her Place in Society

In 2017, Sarah found Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse (DUC). She explained that prior to finding DUC, she was a hermit, didn’t have many friends, and didn’t have much motivation. Fast forward five years and Sarah is on the right track.

Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse has helped shape me into the person I have become by giving me different skills and helping me learn how to socialize,” Sarah said. “I have come out of my shell. I’ve learned how to cook. I have learned better communication skills.

On top of the skills Sarah has learned at DUC, she feels that she has become more creative in her free time. Some of her favorite ways to practice her creativity are scrapbooking, creative writing, sewing, and photography.

I’ve tried to get into photography for a job, but I like it more as a hobby,” Sarah said. “My favorite types of photography would definitely be nature and black and white. I feel like they are more emotional and carry more meaning.”

Sarah explains that her mental health was the biggest factor of challenges she faced prior to 2017. With the help of Easterseals Michigan and DUC, Sarah has found ways to look at her life with a more positive mindset.

“I feel so blessed to have received services from Easterseals MORC,” Sarah said. “Because of Easterseals MORC and DUC, I’m learning how to better cope when I’m having a hard time. I now cope by using positive thinking and affirmations. I’m learning to communicate effectively and focus on my goals which helps me stay on the right track.”

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Dreams Unlimited (clubhouses) are a psycho-social rehab center program to help individuals gain necessary skills to be independent in the community. Members of the clubhouse participate in a work-ordered day where they can sign up to do job tasks. These tasks include hospitality services, data collection, outreach, and different educational work tasks they can learn from other members.

“At Dreams we mimic a work ordered day where members have the freedom to choose what they work on during that given day,” said Clubhouse Manager Irvin Weatherspoon. “We truly support members throughout their journey to find their place in the community and we are so grateful that we have made such an impact on so many lives.”

Sarah is currently employed at DSW and hopes to give back to others who experience similar struggles to those she faced. She said her dream job would be part of a peer support staff as her peer support staff have been monumental in her journey.

“I have come a long way in life,” Sarah said. “If it wasn’t for Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse and Easterseals MORC, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

To learn more about Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse, visit:Easterseals MORC | Easterseals Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse

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