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Meet Nicholas!

Nicholas in an oragne shirt looking off in the distance

Easterseals MORC Helps Nicholas to Become More Outgoing

Michael and Kimberly, Nicholas’ parents, described their son as a very sweet and loving big brother. He loves music and dancing and loves the color yellow. They explained that Nicholas also enjoys being outside, especially when it involves slides or kicking, throwing, and running with balls. Nicholas has a sunshine personality that radiates in any room he is in, thanks to Easterseals MORC.

In March of 2021, shortly after Nicholas’ first birthday, he began to receive services at Easterseals MORC. His parents had found out he had “moderate” autism as he was lacking verbal skills for his age.

“We were so nervous about what this meant,” Michael said. “We were presented with so many possible providers, but from the beginning Easterseals MORC has always been so genuine and helpful. His first day will be something we never forget. He was wearing a Paw Patrol outfit and gym shoes.”

Nicholas and his family have received a variety of services during their journey, but the most impactful change since beginning services is Nicholas’ ability to communicate more with his family. His parents explained that Nick has been more receptive to receiving information, has greater comprehension, and has been able to express his wants and needs more effectively.

“His communication skills have increased immensely, and he has become more aware of the world around him” Kimberly said. “Technology has been a big help to him. It has allowed Nicholas to communicate more and be able to understand when we are communicating with him.”

Michael and Kimberly expressed their son’s love for music and how it could be something he would pursue, even as a career, when he grows up.

“Our son is very gifted musically,” Michael said. “Nicholas picks up beats quickly and enjoys all instruments from the xylophone to guitars to pianos. He’s got some pretty sweet dance moves too! I could see him being a drummer, rocker, or dancer when he grows up.”

Family taking a picture

Nicholas’ parents expressed their gratitude for all those who have helped in their son’s journey and have provided them with genuine kindness and support along the way.

“From the beginning, Easterseals MORC has always made sure that Nicholas is treated like an individual, not someone who is on the spectrum,” Kimberly said. “Those working with Nicholas care about his happiness and progression while he’s learning. And for that, we are forever grateful that Easterseals Michigan is in our corner to help our son to be successful in life.”

Michael and Kimberly recommend that anyone who has been experiencing any kind of difficulties or challenges in life should come to Easterseals MORC.

“Times like these can be some of the most difficult and darkest times,” Michael and Kimberly said. “Easterseals MORC gave us peace of mind and helped us to navigate through those stressful times. They have been incredibly helpful during our journey.”

To learn more about autism services provided at Easterseals MORC, visit: https://www.easterseals.com/MORC/programs-and-services/autism-asd-services/

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