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Meet Kiauna

Kiauna smiling with hand on hip at photoshoot

Easterseals MORC Helped Kiauna Gain Confidence to Acheive her Goals

Kiauna is a very active member in society. She is an entrepreneur, a brand ambassador, and soon to be a nurse. She also loves to vintage shop, participate in anything where she can be creative, and spend time with her husband, family, and friends.

Flashback to 2012. Kiauna had just graduated, she was on track to becoming a nurse, everything was looking up. Shortly after graduating, she began to experience hallucinations, PTSD, and struggled to control her anxiety.

“When I was at my lowest, I was introduced to the ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) team at Easterseals MORC,” Kiauna said. “They gave me a chance to express myself and have a voice while I was getting treatment.”

Easterseals MORC was there to help Kiauna while she was struggling with her mental health in ways that she didn’t even know were possible. She explained that while she has been receiving services at Easterseals MORC, she has obtained skills that allowed her to achieve goals related to her personal and professional lives.

“Easterseals MORC has taught me how to manage my stressors better, thus having less episodes and panic attacks,” Kiauna said. “I’ve been able to create more meaningful relationships, become a confident individual, and enjoy what life has to offer.”

Kiauna currently owns a small pop-up business called Reinstated Vintage, where she sells vintage items and clothes, and is a freelance brand ambassador, model, and actress. She has also been able to fulfill her passion of helping others as she is a member on the Advisory Council (AC) board at Easterseals MORC.

close up image of Kiauna

 “Once I showed progress, Easterseals MORC encouraged me to be an example and share my story with others,” Kiauna said. “I’m grateful I am able to help others know that there is hope.”

One goal that Kiauna has in mind that she hasn’t achieved yet is to officially a nurse. She said once she passes her nursing board exam, she will be able to achieve this goal too.

“I feel confident that I can work as a competent nurse with good rationale,” Kiauna said. “I know Easterseals MORC will be there to support me every step of the way in achieving my goal to become a nurse.”

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