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Meet Jeremy!

Jeremy with crossed arms in the park

Support Groups and Group Therapy gave Young Man New Outlook on Life

Jeremy lives a very active life. He enjoys cooking, grilling, and baking (especially his favorite key lime pie!), reading, being outdoors, football, and playing games. He also loves to learn everything he can about math, research, coding, engineering, and science.  However, Jeremy hasn’t always had such a healthy and active lifestyle.

“Before Easterseals MORC, I didn’t fully understand my psychiatric conditions,” Jeremy said. “I used to be unable to effectively treat them and accept personal responsibility. Easterseals has given me hope through the darkest storms.”

Jeremy explained that the staff at Easterseals MORC has helped him to pave the way to an independent life and more self-sufficiency.

Image of jeremy - close up

“Jeremy has benefitted tremendously from treatment at Easterseals MORC,” said Dr. Duquette, psychiatrist at Easterseals MORC. “He has been trying to engage in more social activities and learning more life skills since starting to receive services.”

Two of the most valuable skills he says he has obtained while receiving services at Easterseals MORC have been self-advocacy and mindfulness.

“Easterseals MORC has meant the world to me for better understanding myself as well as my medical and psychiatric conditions.” Jeremy said. “I have found community and camaraderie here thanks to support groups and I am forever thankful.”

At Easterseals MORC, Jeremy has received psychiatry and case management services and has been involved in many individual and group therapies.

“The support groups and group therapies at Easterseals MORC have been the most impactful for me,” Jeremy said. “I like hearing all of the experiences and perspectives of the participants. I find the advice that has been given to me during these to be extremely valuable.”

Overall, Jeremy has expressed his gratitude for the help he has received since starting his journey at Easterseals MORC. His appreciation for the services provided at Easterseals exemplify the great work that is being done to lead the way to 100% equity, inclusion, and access for people with disabilities, families, and communities.

“I appreciate the care I have received thus far at Easterseals MORC and am grateful to have such quality services for physical and mental health,” he said. “Thank you Easterseals MORC for the great work you do! Your presence in the community is valued and appreciated by many.”

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