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Meet Chris!

image of Chris Ruzzin from ambassador photoshoot

Receiving necessary support at home allows him to advocate for individuals in the community

Chris is a lover of long car rides, concerts, spending time with friends and family, and attending sporting events. Over the past four years, he’s worked with all Detroit major professional teams - the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Lions.

“I enjoy working with various Detroit teams,” Chris said. “It allows me to fill a passion that I have for sports and makes me feel like I am helping my community.”

At Easterseals MORC, Chris is involved with the MI Choice Waiver Program, a community-based, in-home services program designed to help seniors and those with disabilities to stay in their own home or transition to an eligible community setting.

“Easterseals MORC has helped to arrange for my care workers to help me with various things in my home,” Chris said. “I’m grateful for the support they give me day in and day out.”

Chris has been receiving support from Easterseals MORC for just over ten years. In a decade, support has resulted in a care worker to coming into his home daily for four hours to assist with various care needs. Easterseals MORC Home Care provides compassionate care that can make a difference in the quality of life for the individuals they serve.

“I’m an individual that experiences my own set of challenges,” Chris said, “I'm a big advocate for other individuals with disabilities.”

Most of the advocacy work Chris has done revolves around safety for individuals like himself. In September 2023, he pushed for a highly trafficked downtown Detroit sidewalk to be repaired as potholes risked his safety in his wheelchair as well as many other individuals’ safety. His work sparked local media attention and necessary upgrades to the sidewalk.

Chris continues to advocate for his safety and others in the disability community. He further explained his appreciation and gratitude to have Easterseals MORC in his corner.

“Early on, Easterseals MORC was gracious to help arrange for a wheelchair van service so I could get to and from my jobs,” Chris said. “Their assistance to get me to and from my jobs safely, while I was raising funds for a new wheelchair van meant so much.”

To learn more about programs and services we offer for seniors, visit: Easterseals MORC | Senior Services


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