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Meet Brody!

Brody flexing for the camera

Miracle League of North Oakland Gives Brody an Opportunity Like His Siblings

Brody can light up a room with his big personality and contagious smile. He has a special skill of making others smile with his goofy and fun-loving personality. He loves playing sports, dancing, Matchbox cars, and spending time with friends and family. Brody is also a big Wrestling World Entertainment (WWE) fan who prides himself in knowing the walk-up song for almost every wrestler.

“If you play the song for a WWE wrestler, I’ll know who it belongs to,” Brody said. “I loved getting to watch my favorite wrestler, John Cena, and other wrestlers at Little Caesars Arena last summer.”

Brody’s mom, Katie, explained that Brody enjoys doing anything that involves being active. On top of his love for WWE, he also enjoys swimming and playing baseball and soccer. He also loves to hang out with his friends from school when he can.

“Brody has been included in all activities at school with his friends,” Katie said. “It’s amazing as a parent to see that he’s been included with other kids his age, but it’s also amazing for him. Brody is a joy to anyone he meets.”

When the Miracle League of North Oakland field opened in 2019, Katie signed her son up to play that first fall season as it allowed him to play like his older siblings do.

 Brody at Miracle League of North Oakland Field  Brody with mom, dad, sister, and brother

“Brody has been able to join the game of baseball at his own pace,” Katie said. “He loves watching his big brother play baseball and his big sister play softball. The Miracle League of North Oakland is a way for him to play too!”

Brody is learning that baseball, like any sports comes with its own set of challenges. As the fall season is beginning soon, Brody says he’s excited to keep developing his skills on the field and make new friends.

“Brody has learned in two years of playing baseball that it takes a lot of coordination and practice to catch a ball and hit with a bat,” Katie said. “Last season he wasn’t quite there yet. But he’s been working on it with his big brother and sister.”

Brody is entering his third year playing baseball at the Miracle League of North Oakland this fall. He said his favorite part is getting to play baseball and being part of a team.

“We love that the Miracle League of North Oakland gives an opportunity for Brody and so many more kids,” Katie said. “Miracle League gives him a chance to be successful and be part of a team, regardless of different abilities.”

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