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Operation Employ Veterans

Easter Seals Operation Employ Veterans is an internet-based interactive program designed to outline the vast benefits Veterans bring to an organization. The three one-hour modules are focused on proving human resource professionals, personnel recruiters, and intermediate supervisors training on the perceptions Veterans face in the workplace around issues such as PTSD, TBI and other disabilities. Each module is designed to stand alone and can be used as a drop-in that can be added to any diversity training program, or as a comprehensive program designed to address individuals who may need workplace accommodations.

Following are brief summaries of the materials contained in each of the three modules:

Training module one -- Employment Barriers for Veterans

Training module two -- Benefits of Employing Veterans

Training module three -- Integrating Veterans into Your Company

About Easter Seals Military & Veterans Services Team:

The team consists of Veterans who have served in various positions within the military, both active and reserve, and have a total of 60 years of combined war and peacetime military experience.

About Easter Seals:

Easter Seals is responding to the needs of America’s military and veteran community members and promoting their success to access community resources that augment current services provided by the Department of Defense, Department of Labor and Veterans’ Affairs. Easter Seals hopes to implement a more comprehensive system of national and local information, services and supports that welcome Veterans back into their communities.

Through therapy, training, education and support services, Easter Seals creates life changing solutions so that Veterans, some with disabilities, can live, work and play in their communities.

Easter Seals has worked with employer and community stakeholders in creating the content for the three online training modules. These stakeholders include:

Join Easter Seals to ensure veterans benefit from this dynamic training, ultimately securing and retaining more employment for veterans. Take advantage of this opportunity to give back to our service men and women. For additional information on Easter Seals Veterans Initiatives, please contact us.

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