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Fiscal Intermediary Services

Through Easterseals New Jersey’s Fiscal Intermediary Services (FIS), people with developmental disabilities who receive state funds are able to access services and other support programs to maximize their choices in the community through financial management assistance provided by our Fiscal Intermediary Services.

Fiscal Intermediary Services began in 1997 when the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) decided to support individuals living in the community in a dramatically different way. Funds were allocated for a consumer-driven program known as Self-Determination. Initially, individuals who were on the DDD Urgent Waiting List for residential services were granted the opportunity to develop, monitor and authorize the supports and budgets necessary to live within their community.

The Fiscal Intermediary is the agency that manages their individualized budgets, pays the selected vendors and providers, and acts as the employer-of-record for staff that are hired by the individual outside of an agency.

Today, through service expansion, self-directing services (Self-Determination, Real Life Choices, Self-Directed Day, Olmstead, and the Waiting List Initiatives) continue to allow the individual with a developmental disability to create a unique budget outlining the outcomes and services necessary to remain in the community or to begin living in the community. Services are purchased with funds provided by DDD and selected by the individual. Easterseals not only provides Fiscal Intermediary Services on behalf of individuals with self-directing budgets, but is also a service provider through Real Life Choices.  

For more detailed information on Easterseals New Jersey’s Fiscal Intermediary Services, please call the FIS customer service line toll free at 800/471-3086.

Counties:  All 21 counties throughout New Jersey

Funding:  New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)

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