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Meet Brendan

Brendan’s Story…

Brendan comes into this world with bright, eager eyes and is ready to live life to the fullest. His perfect little smile lights up an entire room. As soon as he can utter his first hearty laugh, he never stops. Everything is new and exciting. You, as his parent, are willing and ready to protect him and help him reach his goals for a wonderful life in ANY way you can.

Now imagine, 2 years later, you notice some of Brendan’s behaviors have become worrisome. His frequent tantrums and unpredictable outbursts raise red flags for you and your family. When you seek help from doctors and teachers, they chalk it up to the “terrible two’s” and say he will outgrow it. But soon after, Brendan’s behavior continues to gets worse and he begins harming himself.

Not willing to stand by, you insist on answers. Brendan finally receives a diagnosis – he is on the autism spectrum—and you take a huge sigh of relief knowing what’s plaguing your son. But you soon realize your next obstacle: where do you go from here? Well, for Brendan’s family, you go to Easterseals Michigan.

One year ago, Brendan and his family were stuck in an endless cycle of doctor’s appointments. They were slowly losing hope. After starting treatment at Easterseals, his behavior changed in many amazing ways. They can now go out in public without fear of tantrums; Brendan has big plans to attend kindergarten this fall; and his parents are scheduling play dates with his first-ever friend, Toby.

“No one can believe that Brendan is the same kid he was before Easterseals. They are shocked to see how much he has improved. I don’t know where we would be if it wasn’t for Easterseals and their amazing team. They changed everything for us!” – Jenna, Brendan’s mom

How You Can Help

Brendan’s story is common for the many families struggling with an autism diagnosis. Imagine being the parent of a child who so clearly needs your help, and being completely overwhelmed with trying to find the resources to help him. It is often a complicated and time-consuming process for parents to find treatment for their child. Easterseals’ specially trained therapists work with children and parents to teach many crucial skills, including:

· improving communication & listening

· social relationships

· play-time

· self-care, like getting themselves dressed

· school experiences 

Without donations from generous people like you, Easterseals Michigan wouldn’t be able to provide services to the growing number of children like Brendan and his family. When you make a donation today, rest assured that your gift will go towards these crucial services for Michigan families.


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