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#FearlessPWD Easterseals Twitter Chat

#FearlessPWD Twitter Chat Sept 12 at 6pm

Everyone has fears. As a person with a disability or as a parent caring for a child with disabilities, how do you overcome them? This twitter chat will be about finding motivation, confidence and resources to achieve life goals. We’ll talk about overcoming barriers - be it accessibility, stigma, or personal fears. Let's take a risk together! Stop by and share experiences on successes (and failures) while working towards a dream job, traveling, or gaining (and accepting) independence or interdependence.

Mark the Date: September 12, 6 p.m. CST / 7 p.m. EST

Hashtag: #FearlessPWD

Hosts: Easterseals (@easter_seals) & Easterseals Thrive (@ability2thrive)

Date & Time: Sept 12th at 6 p.m. CST (what is this in my time zone?)

Never attended a twitter chat before? Here's a Storify example chat to get you started.

Please do take a moment to read our guidelines for social media events.

The Questions

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us what interested you most about this topic.
2. Share a goal you thought you couldn’t achieve. What were the barriers? How did you work around them?
3. How can we overcome rejection, especially when it comes to disability?
4. What most worries you about employment as a person with a disability or for your child with disabilities?
5. How can parents/mentors encourage young people with disabilities to achieve their goals? (If you aren't a parent, still tell us what you think!)
6. What is a moment of independence or interdependence you are proud of (or that you’ve seen)?
    6a. Follow up: Parents, are you or will you be concerned about your child’s independence as an adult?
7. What most concerns you about discussing disability issues? How do you personally approach any of those concerns?
8. What does it mean to be fearless when it comes to advocacy/self-advocacy?
9. How do you feel about exploring your own community or traveling outside of it?
10. What barriers outside of basic accessibility are a factor for people with disabilities who travel?
11. What empowers you to make important (and sometimes scary) decisions in life?
12. What identity challenges do you face? How do you address them? Has your approach been successful?

Meet Our Panel

Erin Hawley

Co-Host: Erin Hawley is the Digital Content Producer for Easterseals Thrive, a site for young women with disabilities that provides mentorship and encourages self-empowerment through online communities.

Emily Ladau

Emily Ladau is a writer, disability rights activist, and communications consultant. She blogs at Words I Wheel By, in addition to having written for The New York Times, Salon, and the Huffington Post.

Kim Minerley

Kim Minerly is the Camping & Recreation Director for Easterseals Camp Merry Heart in beautiful northwest New Jersey. She comes with a diverse background of education, healthcare, camping, and recreation. For Kim, working with campers and staff with varied abilities is extremely fun and rewarding. She enjoys talking people into trying new things, especially goals they feel they are unable to achieve. When someone tells her that they ‘can’t do it’, she will almost always get them to give it a try! Being fearless is challenging for many, but it is what keeps her going!

Ben Trockman

Ben Trockman is a former 2012 National Ambassador for Easterseals, employed by Old National Bank headquartered in Evansville, IN. Upon taking his position as Outreach and Employment Specialist at ONB, he has been charged with the mission of increasing knowledge, inclusion and employment opportunities for people with disabilities at ONB and within the community. Ben is a passionate philanthropist, sports enthusiast and dedicated disability advocate.

Rachel Beyerle

Rachel Beyerle is Communications Director for the Easterseals Transportation Group which includes Easterseals Project Action Consulting and the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC). Each initiative is focused on helping people with disabilities have access to transportation within their communities.

Meg Harris and her children

Meg Harris is the founder of SpecialGlobe.com, an online travel resource for families with disabilities. She travels regularly with her daughter Eliza, who was born with a rare genetic neurological disorder and her son Henry, who has ADHD.

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