Success Stories: Being an Inclusive Community and Support System

Programs and therapies at Easterseals help break barriers and foster independent living for people with disabilities every day. However, Easterseals makes the most impact by providing an inclusive, compassionate community and a support system for families and individuals at every age and stage of life. New transitions and changes can be difficult to navigate. Learn how Jaxon and his family are thriving through it all with the help of Easterseals.

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Easterseals staff smile at a young child. The child is using a walker. Setting Up Jaxon for Success: Holistic Care at Easterseals

“Easterseals is ... where you come back to. You can take a deep breath. Relax. And just know that you’re not judged by anything,” Kim says. Read more. 



A mother helps put on a child's helmet while he's on an adaptive bicycleFostering Independence: Jaxon’s Life-Changing Support From Easterseals

“His end goal in life is to be as independent as possible. So, these therapies help him to achieve that goal to learn what to do and how to maneuver his body so that he doesn’t have to depend on someone else to do it for him.” Read more. 



A family photo of a mom, dad and child Unlocking Potential: Easterseals’ Support for Jaxon and His Family

"I always feel like the therapists…have always been fully engaged with him, with us. It just makes it an enjoyable experience knowing that the person that’s there helping Jaxon is ... in the moment through every therapy that he goes to.” Read more.