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Autism (ASD) Services

Autism Center of Excellence

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are the fastest growing developmental disabilities in the world today, affecting 1 in 59 children.

Receiving the right support at the earliest stage of life can help an individual gain the skills they needs to live, work and play.

Easterseals’ Autism Center of Excellence is a highly recognized leader offering early diagnosis, functional assessment and intervention treatments for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in the Northeast and East Central Florida regions.

Do you need the services?

If parents are concerned their child may be exhibiting signs of autism spectrum disorder, they should follow their instincts, share their concerns with their pediatrician, get a referral for diagnosis and explore treatment options as early as possible.

If needed, call Easterseals Autism Center of Excellence for guidance in talking with your pediatrician.

Diagnosis and assessment

Autism is a life-long challenge that affects individuals differently and in varying degrees. The Autism Center of Excellence’s early diagnosis and functional assessment clinic assists parents and physicians in obtaining a definitive diagnosis for children who exhibit warning signs and delays related to autism spectrum disorders.

Easterseals utilizes the latest testing instrument which is widely accepted and highly reliable for evaluating characteristics of autism, called the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, or ADOS-2.

Further, Easterseals believes that a multidisciplinary team approach in functional assessment (including, but not limited to, gross and fine motor, sensory, receptive/expressive language and self-regulation skills) leads to an effective, individualized treatment plan for each family to help them focus on their child’s strengths and specific challenges.

Individualized interventions

The Autism Center of Excellence provides comprehensive, services and support to children living with autism spectrum disorders that are grounded in family-focused care. Individualized, center-based interventions include:

• Occupational therapy
• Physical therapy
• Speech therapy
• Aqua therapy
• Sensory Integration
• Therapeutic listening
• Interactive metronome
• Feeding aversion clinic
• Assistive/Augmentative communication support
• Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Additional evidence-based approaches are also offered in the child’s natural environment, including:

• PLAY Project (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters)
• Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Family support and education

Families whose lives are touched by autism spectrum disorders have support at Easter Seals.

Experienced professionals provide case management for greater access to vital community resources. Each family also receives a measurable action plan with specific goals to help navigate daily obstacles and challenges.

Families are also referred to related and wrap-around services offered by Easterseals such as:

• Local Early Steps for early intervention 0-3 family support
• Inclusive child care, charter school and VPK with before and after-care
• Joey’s Gift Respite Care
• Social skills training
• Parent education workshops and community events

Staff and facilities

Autism Center of Excellence professionals are expertly trained in their related fields in pediatric, family-centered care. Most hold advanced degrees and certifications in cutting-edge interventions and innovative techniques. We are highly dedicated to work with each parent to tailor a unique and goal-oriented therapy program for lifetime success.

How the community can help

Community supporters who wish to stand with those who are challenged by Autism Spectrum Disorders can help by donating and advocating.
Many assessments, interventions and treatments for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are not covered by insurance. Through private donations, Easterseals offers scholarships and subsidies for clients who are financially vulnerable. To help, call
Easterseals at 386-944-7820.

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