Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE)

Has someone mentioned that your child needs an autism evaluation or Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE)?kids on mat, kids playing on mat

A CDE may be recommended when there are concerns about a child’s development and there is a need to either diagnose or rule out Autism and other developmental delays. Because no two children are exactly alike and may present with varying symptoms, it is imperative that a comprehensive assessment be conducted to determine existence of a diagnosis.

Easterseals utilizes a multidisciplinary team of professionals, led by our clinical specialists, who work together to assess your child’s growth and development. Through this thorough assessment, the child’s developmental profile is revealed and an individualized treatment plan can be formulated.

Our comprehensive assessment begins with an evaluation by a member of our medical team.

Additional assessments may inclue: 
EarliPoint (16 - 30 months)
ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-second edition)
CARS - 2 (Childhood Autism Rating Scale)
Speech and Language Therapy evaluation
Occupational Therapy evaluation
Physical Therapy evaluation
Audiology evaluation
Parent interview and observational questionnaire

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To begin the process, a referral from the child’s doctor will first be needed.

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