Case Management

Welcome to Easterseals Northeast Central Florida Case Management: Your partner in your child’s journey

At Easterseals, we understand each family’s journey is unique and navigating the diagnostic process can be overwhelming.  Our Case Management program is designed to be your dedicated partner throughout the diagnosis process and beyond, connecting you with the right resources, and ensuring your family receives the comprehensive support it deserves.  

How We Can Assist You:

1. Your partners in careOur experienced Case Managers are the first point of contact for Easterseals Autism Center of Excellence programs and services. The Case Management team will guide your family from autism screening to diagnosis to services while addressing your family’s unique circumstances.  

2. Streamlining services: Case management ensures a smooth transition from diagnosis to services by coordinating the extensive options of Easterseals programs specific to your child’s needs.  

3.Resources and Support: The complex network of autism resources, services and supports can be overwhelming to get startedEasterseals case management is here to assist you with information, understanding and support to connect you with what your family needs. 

4. Advocacy: Easterseals case management is knowledgeable about the many advocacy organizations in our communityWe are happy to connect you with the appropriate ones to support you and your child on your advocacy journey. 

Connect with Us:

Do you have questions about the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE) process for diagnosing autismDo you need help finding resources or services related to autism for your loved oneReach out to the Autism Center of Excellence Case Management team today. 

Our dedicated case managers are here to guide you through the process, offering support, resources, and advocacy to help your family thrive.

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